Hastelloy, Hastelloy B-2, Nickel alloy Hastelloy B-2
Hastelloy, Hastelloy B-2, alliage de Nickel Hastelloy B-2.
Hastelloy, Hastelloy B-2,-Nickel-Legierung Hastelloy B-2
Liga de níquel Hastelloy, Hastelloy B-2, Hastelloy B-2.
Aleación de níquel Hastelloy, Hastelloy B-2, Hastelloy B-2
Product Category--Hastelloy


Hastelloy is a super alloy that is effective under high temperature, high stress service in a moderately to highly corrosive and erosion prone conditions where more common and less expensive iron-alloys would fail. Commonly used in nuclear and chemical reactors.

We deal in a comprehensive range of Hastelloy products like pipes, tubes, rods, bars, sheets, plates, fasteners, flanges and pipe fittings.

Hastelloy Rods and Bars
We offer a comprehensive range of haselloy round bars, in grades Hastelloy C22 and others.
Hastelloy Plates and Coils
We offer a wide range of hastelloy plates, hastelloy sheets & hastelloy coils that finds application in various industries all over the world.
Hastelloy Tubes
Hastelloy Tubes Standards: ASTM: B622, B619, B622, B626 Hastelloy Tubes Sizes: 6mm OD to 254mm OD in 0.2mm thickness to 20mm thickness Hastelloy Tubes Types: SEAMLESS, ERW, WELDED, FABRICATED
Hastelloy Pipes
Hastelloy Pipes Sizes: ½” NB to 12” NB in Sch 10, Sch STD, Sch 40, Sch 80, Sch XS, Sch 160, Sch XXS Hastelloy Pipes Standards: ASTM: B622, B619, B622, B626 Hastelloy Pipes Types: SEAMLESS, ERW, WELDED, FABRICATED
Hastelloy Pipe Fittings
Hastelloy Pipe Fittings Types:
Bend (Long & Short)
Elbow (180 Deg., 90 Deg. & 45 Deg. or as required)
Tee (Equal & Unequal)
Reducer (Concentric & Eccentric)
CAP, Stub end (Long &Short)
Nipple (Barrel), Coupling
Hastelloy Fasteners
We are internationally well known for manufacturing of best quality Hastelloy fasteners.
Types of Hastelloy Fasteners:
Hastelloy Bolts, Hastelloy nuts, Hastelloy washers, Hastelloy Screws
Hastelloy Flanges
Hastelloy Flanges Standards:
Hastelloy Flanges Sizes: 1/2 inch - 48 inch
Hastelloy Flanges Range:
Weld Neck, Slip On, Blind, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Spectacles, Ring Joint, Orifice, Long Weld Neck, Deck Flange, etc.
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